Rakman 3000 GRASS Harrow (New)

Rakman 3000 grass harrow (new and in stock)

Width 3m
Weight 360kg

The Rakeman 3000 is a 3m grass harrow designed with 120 Spring Tines mounted in a plastic bush to reduce vibration to the frame and stop the tines twisting on the mounting bar. Tines are spaced on mounting bars so as to cover every inch of the ground. These galvanised mounting bars are connected to a floating frame to insure movement in every direction as the rake travels along the contours of the field. The angle of the tines can be adjusted with two handles which in conjunction with the depth wheels can decrease or increase the abrasiveness of the harrow. The Rakeman 3000 is designed to remove dead grass, moss, weeds and helps to disperse dung’s and manure in your grassland. Each tine cuts through the grass tearing most of the horizontal growing grass that mats together which limits air circulation, water drainage and nutrients from reaching the soil. Thus Improving Grass Growth. The Rakeman can be used to level poached ground & with a broadcaster fitted on the headstock for reseeding. The Rakeman can also be used for weeding in certain crops levelling & rejuvenate sand horse tracks & arenas.

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