McHale 691 Bale Handler

McHale 691 Bale Handler (IN Stock)

Simplicity, versatility and strength are the main features of the McHale 691 round bale handler. When the 691 round bale handler is transporting wrapped bales, two adjustable rollers powered by a double-acting hydraulic ram, close to cradle and carry the wrapped or unwrapped round bale securely and safely.

The McHale 691 round bale handler is a heavy duty handler with rotating rollers that have tine reinforcement. It can be used to carry one bale of silage or spike two bales of hay or straw.

On the 691 , the rotating rollers can be removed, transforming it into a spike type round bale handler capable of transporting two unwrapped bales of silage, hay, straw or lucerne at the one time. With its rugged, high-quality construction and large lifting capacity the McHale 691 round bale handler is the logical choice for you.

Weight 160 kg / 352 lbs
Height 0.65 m / 2’0”
Length (overall) 1.42 m / 4’7”
Length of Arms 1.19 m / 4’0”
Max width (fully open) 1.63 m / 5’4”
Open Distance between the Arms 1.37 m / 4’5” (Open)
Closed Distance between the Arms 0.73 m / 2’4 (Closed)
Lifting Capacity 1100 kg / 2425 lbs
Hydraulic Requirements One Double Acting Service
Check Valve & Pipes Standard
Minimum Hydraulic Pressure 150 bar/ 2250 Ibs/

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